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Where to find complete Redis documentation?
This README is just a fast "quick start" document. You can find more detailed documentation at
Building Redis
Redis can be compiled and used on Linux, OSX, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD. We support big endian and little endian architectures.


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jemalloc is a general-purpose scalable concurrent malloc(3) implementation. This distribution is a "portable" implementation that currently targets FreeBSD, Linux, Apple OS X, and MinGW. jemalloc is included as the default allocator in the FreeBSD and NetBSD operating systems, and it is used by the Mozilla Firefox web browser on Microsoft Windows-related platforms. Depending on your needs, one of the other divergent versions may suit your needs better than this distribution.
The COPYING file contains copyright and licensing information.
The INSTALL file contains information on how to configure, build, and install jemalloc.
The ChangeLog file contains a brief summary of changes for each release.

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README for Lua 5.1
See INSTALL for installation instructions. See HISTORY for a summary of changes since the last released version.
* What is Lua?


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