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System requirements
- Perl 5.8 or later - Python 2.7 or later - C++ compiler supporting the C++98 standard


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The Qt Quick module provides the basic elements to specify and implement your user interface declaratively, using the Qt Meta-Object Language (QML). The Qt QML module provides the engine and language infrastructure for QML itself. This language is very expressive and human readable, and can be used by designers to actually implement their UI vision. QML UIs can integrate with C++ code in many ways, including being loaded as a part of a C++ UI and loading data models from C++ and interacting with them.
Mostof these examples can be viewed directly with the QML viewer utility, without requiring compilation.
Documentation for these examples can be found via the Examples link in the main Qt documentation.

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This directory contains autotests and benchmarks based on QTestlib. In order to run the autotests reliably, you need to configure a desktop to match the test environment that these tests are written for.
Linux X11:
* The user must be logged in to an active desktop; you can't run the autotests without a valid DISPLAY that allows X11 connections.
* The tests are run against a KDE3 or KDE4 desktop.
* Window manager uses "click to focus", and not "focus follows mouse". Many tests move the mouse cursor around and expect this to not affect focus and activation.
* Disable "click to activate", i.e., when a window is opened, the window manager should automatically activate it (give it input focus) and not wait for the user to click the window.

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