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0001 OpenSSL - Port To The Macintosh OS 9 or Earlier
0002 ===============================================
0004 Thanks to Roy Wood <> initial support for Mac OS (pre
0005 X) is now provided. "Initial" means that unlike other platforms where you
0006 get an SDK and a "swiss army" openssl application, on Macintosh you only
0007 get one sample application which fetches a page over HTTPS(*) and dumps it
0008 in a window. We don't even build the test applications so that we can't
0009 guarantee that all algorithms are operational.
0011 Required software:
0013 - StuffIt Expander 5.5 or later, alternatively MacGzip and SUNtar;
0014 - Scriptable Finder;
0015 - CodeWarrior Pro 5;
0017 Installation procedure:
0019 - fetch the source at (well, you probably already
0020   did, huh?)
0021 - unpack the .tar.gz file:
0022         - if you have StuffIt Expander then just drag it over it;
0023         - otherwise uncompress it with MacGzip and then unpack with SUNtar;
0024 - locate MacOS folder in OpenSSL source tree and open it;
0025 - unbinhex and OpenSSL.mcp.hqx if present (**), do it
0026   "in-place", i.e. unpacked files should end-up in the very same folder;
0027 - execute;
0028 - open OpenSSL.mcp(***) and build 'GetHTTPS PPC' target(****);
0029 - that's it for now;
0031 (*)     URL is hardcoded into ./MacOS/GetHTTPS.src/GetHTTPS.cpp, lines 40
0032         to 42, change appropriately.
0033 (**)    If you use SUNtar, then it might have already unbinhexed the files
0034         in question.
0035 (***)   The project file was saved with CW Pro 5.3. If you have an earlier
0036         version and it refuses to open it, then download
0037 and import it
0038         overwriting the original OpenSSL.mcp.
0039 (****)  Other targets are works in progress. If you feel like giving 'em a
0040         shot, then you should know that OpenSSL* and Lib* targets are
0041         supposed to be built with the GUSI, MacOS library which mimics
0042         BSD sockets and some other POSIX APIs. The GUSI distribution is
0043         expected to be found in the same directory as the openssl source tree,
0044         i.e., in the parent directory to the one where this very file,
0045         namely INSTALL.MacOS, resides. For more information about GUSI, see
0048 Finally some essential comments from our generous contributor:-)
0050 "I've gotten OpenSSL working on the Macintosh. It's probably a bit of a
0051 hack, but it works for what I'm doing. If you don't like the way I've done
0052 it, then feel free to change what I've done. I freely admit that I've done
0053 some less-than-ideal things in my port, and if you don't like the way I've
0054 done something, then feel free to change it-- I won't be offended!
0056 ... I've tweaked "bss_sock.c" a little to call routines in a "MacSocket"
0057 library I wrote. My MacSocket library is a wrapper around OpenTransport,
0058 handling stuff like endpoint creation, reading, writing, etc. It is not
0059 designed as a high-performance package such as you'd use in a webserver,
0060 but is fine for lots of other applications. MacSocket also uses some other
0061 code libraries I've written to deal with string manipulations and error
0062 handling. Feel free to use these things in your own code, but give me
0063 credit and/or send me free stuff in appreciation! :-)
0065 ...
0067 If you have any questions, feel free to email me as the following:
0071 -Roy Wood"