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MySQL Cross Reference



0001 alpha3.4 release.
0002 Thu Mar 17 23:17:18 EST 1994
0005 See WHATSNEW for change listing.
0007 installation notes:
0008 --------
0009 Read the comments at the beginning of Makefile before running.
0011 Utils.h contains some things that just might have to be modified on
0012 some systems, as well as a nested include (ugh) of <assert.h>.
0014 The "fake" directory contains quick-and-dirty fakes for some header
0015 files and routines that old systems may not have.  Note also that
0016 -DUSEBCOPY will make utils.h substitute bcopy() for memmove().
0018 After that, "make r" will build regcomp.o, regexec.o, regfree.o,
0019 and regerror.o (the actual routines), bundle them together into a test
0020 program, and run regression tests on them.  No output is good output.
0022 "make lib" builds just the .o files for the actual routines (when
0023 you're happy with testing and have adjusted CFLAGS for production),
0024 and puts them together into libregex.a.  You can pick up either the
0025 library or *.o ("make lib" makes sure there are no other .o files left
0026 around to confuse things).
0028 Main.c, debug.c, split.c are used for regression testing but are not part
0029 of the RE routines themselves.
0031 Regex.h goes in /usr/include.  All other .h files are internal only.
0032 --------