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MySQL Cross Reference



0001 MySQL Server 5.6
0003 This is a release of MySQL, a dual-license SQL database server.
0004 For the avoidance of doubt, this particular copy of the software 
0005 is released under the version 2 of the GNU General Public License. 
0006 MySQL is brought to you by Oracle.
0008 Copyright (c) 2000, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
0010 License information can be found in the COPYING file.
0012 MySQL FOSS License Exception
0013 We want free and open source software applications under certain
0014 licenses to be able to use specified GPL-licensed MySQL client
0015 libraries despite the fact that not all such FOSS licenses are
0016 compatible with version 2 of the GNU General Public License.  
0017 Therefore there are special exceptions to the terms and conditions 
0018 of the GPLv2 as applied to these client libraries, which are 
0019 identified and described in more detail in the FOSS License 
0020 Exception at 
0021 <>.
0023 This distribution may include materials developed by third
0024 parties. For license and attribution notices for these
0025 materials, please refer to the documentation that accompanies
0026 this distribution (see the "Licenses for Third-Party Components"
0027 appendix) or view the online documentation at 
0028 <>.
0030 GPLv2 Disclaimer
0031 For the avoidance of doubt, except that if any license choice
0032 other than GPL or LGPL is available it will apply instead, 
0033 Oracle elects to use only the General Public License version 2 
0034 (GPLv2) at this time for any software where a choice of GPL 
0035 license versions is made available with the language indicating 
0036 that GPLv2 or any later version may be used, or where a choice 
0037 of which version of the GPL is applied is otherwise unspecified.
0039 For further information about MySQL or additional documentation, 
0040 see:
0041 - The latest information about MySQL:
0042 - The current MySQL documentation:
0044 Some Reference Manual sections of special interest:
0045 - If you are migrating from an older version of MySQL, please 
0046   read the "Upgrading from..." section.
0047 - To see what MySQL can do, take a look at the features section.
0048 - For installation instructions, see the Installing and Upgrading
0049   chapter.
0050 - For the new features/bugfix history, see the MySQL Change History 
0051   appendix.
0053 You can browse the MySQL Reference Manual online or download it 
0054 in any of several formats at the URL given earlier in this file.
0055 Source distributions include a local copy of the manual in the
0056 Docs directory.