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glibc Cross Reference



0001 This is the glibc ports add-on, an add-on for the GNU C Library (glibc).
0002 It contains code that is not maintained in the official glibc source tree.
0004 This includes working ports to GNU/Linux on some machine architectures that
0005 are not maintained in the official glibc source tree.  It also includes
0006 some code once used by old libc ports now defunct, which has been abandoned
0007 but may be useful for some future porter to examine.  It may also include
0008 some optimized functions tailored for specific CPU implementations of an
0009 architecture, to be selected using --with-cpu.
0011 The ports add-on is cooperatively maintained by volunteers on the
0012 <> mailing list, and housed in the ports
0013 subdirectory of the glibc git repository.  See
0014 for details on using
0015 git.  To report a bug in code housed in the ports add-on, please go to
0016 and file a bug report under the glibc
0017 "ports" component.
0019 An add-on for an individual port can be made from just the sysdeps/
0020 subdirectories containing the port's code.  You may want to include a
0021 README and Banner of your own talking about your port's code in particular,
0022 rather than the generic ones here.
0024 The real source code for any ports is found in the sysdeps/ subdirectories.
0025 These should be exactly what would go into the main libc source tree if you
0026 were to incorporate it directly.  The only exceptions are the files
0027 sysdeps/*/preconfigure and sysdeps/*/; these are fragments
0028 used by this add-on's configure fragment.  The purpose of these is to set
0029 $base_machine et al when the main libc configure's defaults are not right
0030 for some machine.  Everything else can and should be done from a normal
0031 sysdeps/.../configure fragment that is used only when the configuration
0032 selects that sysdeps subdirectory.  Each port that requires some special
0033 treatment before the sysdeps directory list is calculated, should add a
0034 sysdeps/CPU/preconfigure file; this can either be written by hand or
0035 generated by Autoconf from sysdeps/CPU/, and follow the
0036 rules for glibc add-on configure fragments.  No preconfigure file should do
0037 anything on an unrelated configuration, so that disparate ports can be put
0038 into a single add-on without interfering with each other.
0040 Like all glibc add-ons, this must be used by specifying the directory in
0041 the --enable-add-ons option when running glibc's configure script.
0043 The GNU C Library is free software.  See the file COPYING.LIB in the
0044 libc repository for copying conditions, and LICENSES for notices about
0045 a few contributions that require these additional notices to be
0046 distributed.  License copyright years may be listed using range
0047 notation, e.g., 2000-2013, indicating that every year in the range,
0048 inclusive, is a copyrightable year that would otherwise be listed
0049 individually.