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folder astl/ astl/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

ASTL (Android STL) is a slimmed-down version of the regular C++ STL.
Its sole purpose for existence is to be able to compile some third party packages. As a result only a subset of the regular STL is provided. We only add feature to it as we need them.
Size of the library is a concern. For that reason, template usage has been reduced to a bare minimum, there is little parametrization in classes.
To keep things simple, some inheritance hierarchies are just not there (e.g string is not a template specialization of basic_string - there is no basic_string class template.)

folder bison/ bison/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

This directory contains the Bison parser generator.
See the file INSTALL for generic compilation and installation instructions. See the file doc/FAQ for frequently asked questions.
Bison requires GNU m4 1.4.3 or later. See:


folder blktrace/ blktrace/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Block IO Tracing
Written by Jens Axboe <> (initial version and kernel support), Alan D. Brunelle (threading and splitup into two seperate programs), Nathan Scott <> (bug fixes, process names, multiple devices) Also thanks to Tom Zanussi <> for good input and patches.


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folder bzip2/ bzip2/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is the README for bzip2/libzip2. This version is fully compatible with the previous public releases.
This file is part of bzip2/libbzip2, a program and library for lossless, block-sorting data compression.
bzip2/libbzip2 version 1.0.6 of 6 September 2010 Copyright (C) 1996-2010 Julian Seward <>


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folder chromium-trace/ chromium-trace/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

The src directory contains Chromium source from the following locations:
The file src/UPSTREAM_REVISION contains the upstream revision number that was last pulled. There may be local patches applied on top of the upstream source, but we should keep those to a minimum.
The script should be used to package the CSS and Javascript files in the src directory into the style.css and script.js files. These files are being checked in, and get embedded in each trace HTML file the generates. Each time a file in the www directory gets updated, this script will need to be rerun, and the generated files must be committed along with the changes to the www directory.

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folder clang/ clang/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

//===----------------------------------------------------------------------===// // C Language Family Front-end //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
Welcome to Clang. This is a compiler front-end for the C family of languages (C, C++, Objective-C, and Objective-C++) which is built as part of the LLVM compiler infrastructure project.


folder compiler-rt/ compiler-rt/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for the compiler support routines.
Compiler-RT is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.


folder dbus/ dbus/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Sections in this file describe: - introduction and overview - low-level vs. high-level API - version numbers - options to the configure script - ABI stability policy


folder dexmaker/ dexmaker/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This folder contains the dexmaker library.
The latest version of dexmaker can be found at this url:
Version: b4fdb175545f License: Apache 2.0
Description: A Java-language API for doing compile time or runtime code generation targeting the Dalvik VM. Unlike cglib or ASM, this library creates Dalvik .dex files instead of Java .class files.
It has a small, close-to-the-metal API. This API mirrors the Dalvik bytecode specification giving you tight control over the bytecode emitted. Code is generated instruction-by-instruction; you bring your own abstract syntax tree if you need one. And since it uses Dalvik's dx tool as a backend, you get efficient register allocation and regular/wide instruction selection for free.
It includes a stock code generator for class proxies. If you just want to do AOP or class mocking, you don't need to mess around with bytecodes.
Local Modifications: No modifications.

folder dhcpcd/ dhcpcd/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

dhcpcd - DHCP client daemon Copyright (c) 2006-2010 Roy Marples <>
./configure; make; make install man dhcpcd for command line options man dhcpcd.conf for configuration options man dhcpcd-run-hooks to learn how to hook scripts into dhcpcd events


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folder dropbear/ dropbear/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is Dropbear, a smallish SSH 2 server and client.
INSTALL has compilation instructions.
MULTI has instructions on making a multi-purpose binary (ie a single binary which performs multiple tasks, to save disk space)
SMALL has some tips on creating small binaries.


folder e2fsprogs/ e2fsprogs/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is the new version (1.41.11) of the second extended file system management programs.
From time to time, I release new versions of e2fsprogs, to fix bugs and to make the utilities more robust. You can always find information about the latest version at the the e2fsprogs web page, which is:
The INSTALL file has instructions on building and installing e2fsprogs. Provisions for building Red Hat RPMs and Debian dpkg files are supplied as well.
In case of bugs in these programs, please contact Ted Ts'o at or See the e2fsck man page for suggestions of what sort of information to include when submitting bug reports for these programs.

folder easymock/ easymock/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder eclipse-basebuilder/ eclipse-basebuilder/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Eclipse basebuilder is used to build Eclipse plugins. These are only used during the build and are not released. For more info, consult:
--- /basebuilder-3.6.2 directory:
The contents of the basebuilder-3-6.2. directory were retrieved as follows: $ cvs -d login $ cvs -d checkout -r R3_6_2 org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder $ find . -name "CVS" -exec rm -rf {} \;
--- /src directory:
To find the Eclipse sources matching basebuilder-3.6.2: - open the Eclipse 3.6.2 download page: - fetch "Source Build (Source in .zip)" [135 MB]

folder eclipse-windowbuilder/ eclipse-windowbuilder/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder elfutils/ elfutils/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Fundamental design decision:
- the sizes of external and internal types are assumed to be the same. This leaves byte ordering aside. While assuming this the code can be greatly simplified and speed increases. Since no change violating this assumption is in sight this is believed to be a worthwhile optimization.

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folder esd/ esd/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder expat/ expat/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

Expat, Release 2.0.1
This is Expat, a C library for parsing XML, written by James Clark. Expat is a stream-oriented XML parser. This means that you register handlers with the parser before starting the parse. These handlers are called when the parser discovers the associated structures in the document being parsed. A start tag is an example of the kind of structures for which you may register handlers.


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folder freetype/ freetype/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder fsck_msdos/ fsck_msdos/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder ganymed-ssh2/ ganymed-ssh2/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

Ganymed SSH-2 for Java - build 251 beta1 Ganymed SSH-2 for Java is a library which implements the SSH-2 protocol in pure Java (tested on J2SE 1.4.2, 5 and 6). It allows one to connect to SSH servers from within Java programs. It supports SSH sessions (remote command execution and shell access), local and remote port forwarding, local stream forwarding, X11 forwarding, SCP and SFTP. There are no dependencies on any JCE provider, as all crypto functionality is included. Ganymed SSH-2 for Java was originally developed for the Ganymed replication project and a couple of other projects at the IKS group at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). This distribution contains the source code, examples, javadoc and the FAQ. It also includes a pre-compiled jar version of the library which is ready to use. - Please read the included LICENCE.txt - Latest changes can be found in HISTORY.txt The latest version of the FAQ is available on the website. Zurich, August 2010 ...


folder gcc-demangle/ gcc-demangle/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder genext2fs/ genext2fs/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

genext2fs generates an ext2 filesystem as a normal (non-root) user. It does not require you to mount the image file to copy files on it, nor does it require that you become the superuser to make device nodes.
Please use the mailing list to contact the developers and/or report bugs.
See the included INSTALL file for instructions on installing genext2fs.

folder giflib/ giflib/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder google-diff-match-patch/ google-diff-match-patch/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder grub/ grub/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is GNU GRUB, the GRand Unified Bootloader. GRUB is intended to provide important bootloader features that are missing from typical personal computer BIOSes:
- provides fully-featured command line and graphical interfaces - recognizes fdisk partitions and BSD disklabels - can dynamically read Linux ext2fs, ReiserFS, JFS and XFS, BSD ufs, MS-DOS FAT16 and FAT32, Minix fs, and VSTa fs filesystems, plus hardcoded blocklists - can boot Multiboot-compliant kernels (such as GNU Mach), as well as standard Linux and *BSD kernels


folder gtest/ gtest/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Google C++ Testing Framework
Google's framework for writing C++ tests on a variety of platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows CE, Symbian, etc). Based on the xUnit architecture. Supports automatic test discovery, a rich set of assertions, user-defined assertions, death tests, fatal and non-fatal failures, various options for running the tests, and XML test report generation.


folder guava/ guava/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java
Requires JDK 1.5 or higher.
Project page:
Report a defect or feature request here:


folder hamcrest/ hamcrest/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder harfbuzz/ harfbuzz/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is HarfBuzz, an OpenType Layout engine library.
To report bugs or post to discussion mailing list, see:
For license information, see the file COPYING.

folder hyphenation/ hyphenation/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Hyphen - hyphenation library to use converted TeX hyphenation patterns
(C) 1998 Raph Levien (C) 2001 ALTLinux, Moscow (C) 2006, 2007, 2008 László Németh
This was part of libHnj library by Raph Levien.


folder icu4c/ icu4c/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder iproute2/ iproute2/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Primary site is:
Original FTP site is:
How to compile this.
1. Look at start of Makefile and set correct values for:


folder ipsec-tools/ ipsec-tools/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This package provides a way to use the native IPsec functionality in the Linux 2.6+ kernel. It works as well on NetBSD and FreeBSD.
- libipsec, a PF_KEYv2 library - setkey, a tool to directly manipulate policies and SAs - racoon, an IKEv1 keying daemon


folder iptables/ iptables/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder javasqlite/ javasqlite/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder javassist/ javassist/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder jdiff/ jdiff/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

JDiff Doclet
Matthew Doar
The JDiff doclet is used to generate a report describing the difference between two public Java APIs.


folder jhead/ jhead/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder jmdns/ jmdns/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder jmonkeyengine/ jmonkeyengine/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

jMonkeyEngine3 on Android README
This is the source tree for the engine portion of jMonkeyEngine, from a Subversion snapshot taken on 2012.02.24. It includes the engine/src directory from their source repository, but not the rest as it is quite large.
The Android makefile does not build the entire library, but only these directories:


folder jpeg/ jpeg/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software
README for release 6b of 27-Mar-1998
This distribution contains the sixth public release of the Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG software. You are welcome to redistribute this software and to use it for any purpose, subject to the conditions under LEGAL ISSUES, below.


folder jsilver/ jsilver/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder jsr305/ jsr305/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder junit/ junit/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42
folder kernel-headers/ kernel-headers/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder libffi/ libffi/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

libffi-3.0.6 was released on July 17, 2008. Check the libffi web page for updates: <URL:>.
What is libffi?


folder libgsm/ libgsm/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

GSM 06.10 13 kbit/s RPE/LTP speech compression available
The Communications and Operating Systems Research Group (KBS) at the Technische Universitaet Berlin is currently working on a set of UNIX-based tools for computer-mediated telecooperation that will be made freely available.


folder liblzf/ liblzf/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

DESCRIPTION LZF is an extremely fast (not that much slower than a pure memcpy) compression algorithm. It is ideal for applications where you want to save *some* space but not at the cost of speed. It is ideal for repetitive data as well. The module is self-contained and very small.
It's written in ISO-C with no external dependencies other than what C provides and can easily be #include'd into your code, no makefile changes or library builds requires.


folder libmtp/ libmtp/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Building and Installing
See the "INSTALL" file.
libmtp is based on several ancestors:


folder libnfc-nxp/ libnfc-nxp/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder libnl-headers/ libnl-headers/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder libpcap/ libpcap/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

@(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/libpcap/README,v 1.30 2004/10/12 02:02:28 guy Exp $ (LBL)
LIBPCAP 0.9 Now maintained by "The Tcpdump Group" See
Please send inquiries/comments/reports to


folder libphonenumber/ libphonenumber/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder libpng/ libpng/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

README for libpng version 1.2.46 - July 9, 2011 (shared library 12.0) See the note about version numbers near the top of png.h
See INSTALL for instructions on how to install libpng.
Libpng comes in several distribution formats. Get libpng-*.tar.gz, libpng-*.tar.xz, or libpng-*.tar.bz2 if you want UNIX-style line endings in the text files, or lpng*.7z or lpng*.zip if you want DOS-style line endings. You can get UNIX-style line endings from the *.zip file by using "unzip -a" but there seems to be no simple way to recover UNIX-style line endings from the *.7z file. The *.tar.xz file is recommended for *NIX users instead.


folder libselinux/ libselinux/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder libsepol/ libsepol/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder libusb-compat/ libusb-compat/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

A compatibility layer allowing applications written for libusb-0.1 to work with libusb-1.0. libusb-compat-0.1 attempts to look, feel, smell and walk like libusb-0.1.
Do not attempt to install libusb-0.1 and libusb-compat-0.1 on the same system.


folder libusb/ libusb/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

libusb is a library for USB device access from Linux userspace. It is written in C and licensed under the LGPL-2.1 (see COPYING).
libusb is abstracted internally in such a way that it can hopefully be ported to other operating systems. See the PORTING file for some information, if you fancy a challenge :)
libusb homepage:
Developers will wish to consult the API documentation:
Use the mailing list for questions, comments, etc:
- Daniel Drake <> (use the mailing list rather than mailing developers directly)

folder libvpx/ libvpx/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

vpx Multi-Format Codec SDK README - 19 May 2010
Welcome to the WebM VP8 Codec SDK!
COMPILING THE APPLICATIONS/LIBRARIES: The build system used is similar to autotools. Building generally consists of "configuring" with your desired build options, then using GNU make to build the application.


folder libxml2/ libxml2/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder libxslt/ libxslt/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

XSLT support for libxml2 (XML toolkit from the GNOME project)
Full documentation is available on-line at
This code is released under the MIT Licence see the Copyright file.
To report bugs, follow the instructions at:


folder libyuv/ libyuv/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder linux-tools-perf/ linux-tools-perf/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder littlemock/ littlemock/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This folder contains the littlemock library.
The latest version of littlemock can be found at this url:
Version: r3 License: Apache 2.0
Description: Mocking framework. Looks very like Mockito (see Has a number of restrictions. Can mock concrete classes, requires dexmaker.jar on classpath.
Local Modifications: No modifications.

folder llvm/ llvm/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)
This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for the Low Level Virtual Machine, a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers, optimizers, and runtime environments.
LLVM is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.
Please see the HTML documentation provided in docs/index.html for further assistance with LLVM.
If you're writing a package for LLVM, see docs/Packaging.html for our suggestions.

folder lohit-fonts/ lohit-fonts/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder markdown/ markdown/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder mdnsresponder/ mdnsresponder/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

What is mDNSResponder?
The mDNSResponder project is a component of Bonjour, Apple's ease-of-use IP networking initiative: <>
Apple's Bonjour software derives from the ongoing standardization work of the IETF Zero Configuration Networking Working Group: <>


folder mesa3d/ mesa3d/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder mksh/ mksh/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder mockwebserver/ mockwebserver/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder mtpd/ mtpd/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder naver-fonts/ naver-fonts/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder netcat/ netcat/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder netperf/ netperf/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder neven/ neven/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder nist-sip/ nist-sip/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder oauth/ oauth/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder opencv/ opencv/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder openfst/ openfst/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

OpenFst - Release 1.2
OpenFst is a library for constructing, combining, optimizing, and searching weighted finite-state transducers (FSTs).
REQUIREMENTS: This version is known to work under Linux, MacOS, and Solaris using g++ (>= 4.1). Expected to work wherever adequate POSIX (dlopen, ssize_t, basename), c99 (snprintf, strtoll, <stdint.h>), and tr1 (<tr1/ordered_set>, <tr1/ordered_map>) support are available.


folder openssh/ openssh/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

See for the release notes.
- A Japanese translation of this document and of the OpenSSH FAQ is - available at - Thanks to HARUYAMA Seigo <>
This is the port of OpenBSD's excellent OpenSSH[0] to Linux and other Unices.


folder openssl/ openssl/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder oprofile/ oprofile/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is an alpha release version of oprofile, a transparent low-overhead system-wide profiler.
You can find some documentation in the doc/ directory.
Please visit the oprofile website at :
oprofile was written by John Levon <> and Philippe Elie <>.


folder ping/ ping/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder ping6/ ping6/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder ppp/ ppp/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder proguard/ proguard/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

ProGuard, Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier
This distribution contains the following directories:
- bin : simple wrapper scripts to run ProGuard, its GUI, and ReTrace - lib : the main jars, compiled and ready to use with "java -jar ...." - docs : the complete documentation, licenses, etc. in html format - examples : some example configuration files - src : the source code - build : various alternative build scripts


folder protobuf/ protobuf/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format Copyright 2008 Google Inc.
C++ Installation - Unix
To build and install the C++ Protocol Buffer runtime and the Protocol Buffer compiler (protoc) execute the following:


folder qemu-pc-bios/ qemu-pc-bios/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This project has the source code to build two binaries: bios.bin and vgabios-cirrus.bin, which are required for x86 emulation in the Android emulator: platform/external/qemu.
+ bios.bin: git://


folder qemu/ qemu/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Read the documentation in qemu-doc.html.
Fabrice Bellard.

folder quake/ quake/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

In order to run Quake on the simulator and/or device, you must:
1) Configure the Sources 2) Build 3) Install 4) Run 5) Uninstall Quake (this step is optional)


folder regex-re2/ regex-re2/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is the source code repository for RE2, a regular expression library.
For documentation about how to install and use RE2, visit
The short version is:
make make test make install make testinstall
Unless otherwise noted, the RE2 source files are distributed under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.
RE2's native language is C++. An Inferno wrapper is at A Python wrapper is at A Ruby wrapper is at

folder replicaisland/ replicaisland/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder safe-iop/ safe-iop/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder sepolicy/ sepolicy/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder skia/ skia/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

Skia is a complete 2D graphic library for drawing Text, Geometries, and Images.
See full details, and build instructions, at

folder smali/ smali/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder sonivox/ sonivox/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder speex/ speex/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder sqlite/ sqlite/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder srec/ srec/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder srtp/ srtp/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

Secure RTP (SRTP) Reference Implementation David A. McGrew Cisco Systems, Inc.
This package provides an implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), the Universal Security Transform (UST), and a supporting cryptographic kernel. These mechanisms are documented in the Internet Drafts in the doc/ subdirectory. The SRTP API is documented in include/srtp.h, and the library is in libsrtp.a (after compilation). An overview and reference manual is available in doc/libsrtp.pdf. The PDF documentation is more up to date than this file.


folder stlport/ stlport/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

********************************************************************** * README file for STLport 5.0 * * * **********************************************************************
This directory contains the STLport-5.0 release.
What's inside :


folder strace/ strace/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This is strace 4.0, a system call tracer for SunOS 4.x, Linux, System V release 4, Solaris 2.x and Irix 5.x. strace is released under a Berkeley-style license at the request of Paul Kranenburg; see the file COPYRIGHT for details.
Read the INSTALL file for generic instructions on how to install strace. If configure cannot guess your system configuration, you can specify it on the command line after the other options like this:


folder stressapptest/ stressapptest/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder svox/ svox/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder tagsoup/ tagsoup/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder tcpdump/ tcpdump/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

@(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/tcpdump/README,v 2007/09/14 01:03:12 guy Exp $ (LBL)
TCPDUMP 3.9 Now maintained by "The Tcpdump Group" See
Please send inquiries/comments/reports to


folder tinyalsa/ tinyalsa/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

tinyalsa: a small library to interface with ALSA in the Linux kernel
The aims are:
- Provide a basic pcm and mixer API - If it's not absolutely needed, don't add it to the API - Avoid supporting complex and unnecessary operations that could be dealt with at a higher level

folder tinyxml/ tinyxml/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder tremolo/ tremolo/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

This version of Tremolo is derived from Tremolo library version 0.07. It has been patched against publicly known vulnerabilities with sample files available here:
When syncing with svn, please ensure that these defects are not reintroduced.

folder v8/ v8/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder valgrind/ valgrind/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42  
folder webkit/ webkit/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder webp/ webp/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

__ __ ____ ____ ____ / \\/ \/ _ \/ _ )/ _ \ \ / __/ _ \ __/ \__\__/\____/\_____/__/ _________ ____ ____ \ \ / _ \/ _/ / \ \ / _ \ _ \ / \ \ __/ \_/ / / \ \ __/ /_ \_____/_____/____/____/\_____/_____/_/\__/v0.1


folder webrtc/ webrtc/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41  
folder wpa_supplicant_6/ wpa_supplicant_6/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:42

wpa_supplicant and hostapd v0.6.x
Copyright (c) 2002-2007, Jouni Malinen <> and contributors All Rights Reserved.
These program is dual-licensed under both the GPL version 2 and BSD license. Either license may be used at your option.
This package may include either wpa_supplicant, hostapd, or both. See README file respective subdirectories (wpa_supplicant/README or hostapd/README) for more details.
Source code files have been moved around in v0.6.x releases and compared to earlier releases, the programs are now build by first going to a subdirectory (wpa_supplicant or hostapd) and creating build configuration (.config) and running 'make' there (for Linux/BSD/cygwin builds).

folder wpa_supplicant_8/ wpa_supplicant_8/ - 2013-05-25 01:54:41

wpa_supplicant and hostapd
Copyright (c) 2002-2011, Jouni Malinen <> and contributors All Rights Reserved.
These programs are dual-licensed under both the GPL version 2 and BSD license (the one with advertisement clause removed). Either license may be used at your option.


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zlib 1.2.6 is a general purpose data compression library. All the code is thread safe. The data format used by the zlib library is described by RFCs (Request for Comments) 1950 to 1952 in the files (zlib format), rfc1951 (deflate format) and rfc1952 (gzip format).


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